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Rocket M is a rugged, hi-power, very linear 2x2 MIMO radio with enhanced receiver performance. It features incredible range performance (50+km) and breakthrough speed (150+Mbps real TCP/IP).

Rocket M combines the “brains” in one robust unit; it can be paired with your choice of AirMax BaseStation or Rocket Antennas. This versatility gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Integrated AirMax Techonology

Unlike standard WIFI protocol, Ubiquiti;s time Division Multiple Acces (TDMA) AirMax protocols allows each client to send & receive data using pre-designed time slots scheduled by an intelligence AP controller

This 'time slot' methode eliminates hidden node collision & maximize air time eficiency. It provides many magnitudes of performance improvements in latency, throughput, and scalability compared to all other outdoor system in its class.

Intelligent QoS Priority is given to voice/video for seamless access.

Scalability High capacity and scalability

Long Distance Capable of high speed 50km+ links

Latency Multiple features dramatically reduce noises.



  • Rocket M GPS Series:
    • RM2-GPS (2.4 GHz)
    • RM365-GPS (3.65-3.675 GHz) 
    • RM5-GPS (5 GHz)
  • Rocket M Series:
    • RM2 (2.4 GHz) 
    • RM3 (3.4-3.7 GHz) 
    • RM365 (3.65-3.675 GHz) 
    • RM5 (5GHz) 
    • RM900 (900 MHz)

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